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My regular teaching in Basel has ended in June 2008.

From Fall 2008, I can eventually accept to give some private lessons. These lessons are not a part of any academic framework.

The improvisation classes at the Conservatory in Bologna are not taking place any more, due to organisational problems.

I am giving masterclasses here and there all the time. Look into the calendar to find out if something happens in your area.

Here are some regular teaching opportunities, which happen every year, more or less at the same period :

A delegation from Hong-Kong with M.-C. Alain and L.-F. Tagliavini during the Romainmôtier course

The summer course of Romainmôtier

This summer academy, which is over 30 years old, has since 2003 been taken over by the Jehan Alain Association, but there are no visible changes. It is now mainly concentrated around the Alain family organ, restored and installed in one of the former convent buildings of a lovely Clunisian site, located in a small village about 30 kilometers from Lausanne and 70 kilometers from Geneva airport. Many other instruments of different styles are also used.
Please consult the Jehan Alain web address <> for more details. The course takes place every year during the second half of July and the teachers for 2011 are Luigi Ferdinando Tagliavini, Joris Verdin (harmonium), Emmanuel Le Divellec and Tobias Willi (improvisation), Lionel Rogg, and myself. I am giving private lessons during the Academy, and there is a possibility to have a few private lessons also with the other teachers. 


The Gifu Academy of Spanish Organ Music
The late Japanese organ builder Hiroshi Tsuji has built a copy of one of the organs of Salamanca Cathedral in a concert hall in Japan. This provides an unique opportunity for organists living in Asia (and of course to anyone ready to travel to Japan) to play and study on an authentic Spanish organ without having to go all the way to Europe. The course lasts about one week and so far, has been taking place every year. Please contact me for information on exact dates, programs, etc.

The Gherardeschi Academy in Pistoia, Italy offers a course with Ludger Lohmann and myself, every year the week after Easter. I usually teach Spanish and French music.

The "Real Ixcuintleria"                           

There is an association of Guy Bovet’s former students (see Web links below), which is active, has a magazine and organizes concerts and congresses, alternatively in Switzerland or in other countries. The 2002 meeting took place in Yokohama, Japan, the 2004 meeting was in Genova, Italy, and the 2006 reunion in Lviv, Ukraine, with great success. The 2010 meeting will take place in Norway. The president is Emmanuel Le Divellec. Please look at the links for the website and for more information.




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