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This page provides you with addresses of, and links to related organisations which have been mentioned in this site.

About concerts

Since I have now happily retired from all my official positions (except Bologna, which however does not take very much time), I am completely free to travel whenever I like. There are no restrictions any more as to weekdays, or periods. Just look at the Calendar on this website and (hoping that it is reasonably up to date) contact me if the date is still free.
If you e-mail or fax, always allow some days for answers. We don’t look at our box every day, and I never travel with my computer. During vacation time, we usually disconnect our fax and e-mail completely, and our normal mail remains in the post office. We still leave an emergency contact on our voice mail device.
Thank you for keeping these things in mind.

Collegiate Church of Neuchâtel :


Jehan Alain association and Romainmôtier summer course :

Organ periodical « La Tribune de l’Orgue » :

For concerts in the USA :

Real Ixcuintleria:


Organ at the Collegiate Church,
Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Mailing address : faubourg de l’Hôpital 18, CH 2000 Neuchâtel, Switzerland
Phone: +41-(0)32-721 27 90
Fax: +41-(0)32-721 27 93
Emergency phone : +41-(0)79-356 42 91

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