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My repertoire is fairly large, and I have been labelled over the years as a specialist of early Spanish music, French Baroque and Romantic repertoire, Jehan Alain, Gothic music, music by Brahms and Schumann, even of Bach’s music... Indeed, I spent much time earlier in my life with each of these styles, but now I play everything, with great pleasure.

Right now, here is some of the music I enjoy most playing :

Early Spanish music (always !), music from the Italian earlier and mid-19th century (the "Serassian school"), Schumann's complete works for organ or pedal piano, Liszt, Widor's Symphonie Romane, Jehan Alain's music, and of course, good old Bach. I also often play my own music, which is of course not the best in the world, but people usually enjoy it !




Some special programs

Peep the Piper
A charming multimedia presentation of the organ, its history, technical and musical features, for children from age 6, and also for the grown-ups, with slide projections, narration, and organ music. Exists in English, French, German, Japanese, Finnish. Drawings, text and music by myself.
Requires a narrator, an organ, a screen and a slide or CD-Rom projector.
Duration: about 30 minutes

Liszt's pilgrimage to Fribourg
In 1836, Franz Liszt undertook a trip to Chamonix, with Marie d'Agoult, the writer George Sand and her children, and Major Pictet from Geneva, inventor of deadly explosives for the Swiss Army. Both Sand and Pictet have written very amusing reports about this trip. On the way back to Geneva, the party stopped in Fribourg to see the famous organ by Aloys Mooser. This program requires a reader and includes works by Liszt (the Dante symphony, "Les Morts" with a texte by Abbé Lamennais, and several shorter pieces), Vogt (the famous Fribourg thunderstorm), Mozart (a transcription of the "Dies Irae" from the Requiem), and Rossini's ouverture of "William Tell". For the moment, the text is available in French and German, but a translation into English would be easy to make.

Samuel Pepys’Diary
A delightful full evening event with excerpts of this famous diary of the 1660’s, music by Purcell, Pepys and others, and a meal cooked after Sam’s books of recipes.
Needs a harpsichord (optional bass string instrument), singer (barytone) and reader, and if possible, a cook !

12 Tangos ecclesiasticos
This very unusual program features one of my last compositions, a set of 12 Tangos written in the style of early Spanish organ music. The organist reads his humorous comments.
Can be performed on any type, any size of organ, but preferably in the Baroque style. See details on the page "Texts".

Accompaning of silent movies
In permanent contact with two large theatre organs, I have developed a speciality of accompaning silent movies on the organ. Very large repertoire of films from Buster Keaton to F.W. Murnau. Some movies are also suitable for a church.

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